Simrik Airlines

Nepal Airlines - Simrik Airlines Simrik Airlines also started scheduled flight to Pokhara with a fleet of 19-seater Beech craft, the airlines is planning to start more scheduled flights. Now the airlines are daily two flights to Pokhara from / to Kathmandu and also flights to Mount Everest sightseeing tour – soon they are going to operate daily flights to Simara and also flight to Bhairahawa (Lumbini) from Kathmandu. Book your Simrik Airlines online Flights ticket with us and get the lowest, cheapest air fare, price and receive immediate e-ticket by e-mail.
Current Destination:

Kathmandu to Pokhara flight & Pokhara to Kathmandu flight.
Mountain Flight (Mount Everest sightseeing tour flight).

FLIGHT FROM.... TO.......Flight No.Flight TimeArrival TimeOPERATING AIRLINES
Mountain FlightSMA 1207:008:00Simrik Airlines
Mountain FlightSMA 2208:159:15Simrik Airlines
Kathmandu - PokharaSMA 15110:0010:25Simrik Airlines
Kathmandu - PokharaSMA 15715:0015:25Simrik Airlines
Pokhara - KathmanduSMA 15210:4511:10Simrik Airlines
Pokhara - KathmanduSMA 15815:4516:10Simrik Airlines
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