Kathmandu to Biratnagar Flight

Kathmandu Biratnagar Flight

There are more then 10 regular flights from Kathmandu to Biratnagar. We offer cheap fare air ticket for Kathmandu to Biratnagar flight. Biratnagar is the nearest airport if your are travelling to Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve or entering to India from Nepal eastern’s region.

Kathmandu to Biratnagar Flights Schedule

Kathmandu – Biratnagar7:458:25Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 703
Kathmandu – Biratnagar9:009:40Yeti Airlines
Yeti Airlines – YT 787
Kathmandu – Biratnagar10:0010:40Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 705
Kathmandu – Biratnagar12:2013:00Yeti Airlines
Yeti Airlines – YT 791
Kathmandu – Biratnagar12:2013:00Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 707
Kathmandu – Biratnagar14:3015:20Yeti Airlines
Yeti Airlines – YT 793
Kathmandu – Biratnagar14:4015:20Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 709
Kathmandu – Biratnagar16:4017:20Yeti Airlines
Yeti Airlines – YT 797
Kathmandu – Biratnagar17:0017:40Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 711

Biratnagar to Kathmandu Flights Schedule

Biratnagar – Kathmandu8:509:30Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 704
Biratnagar – Kathmandu10:0010:40Yeti Airlines
Yeti Airlines – YT 788
Biratnagar – Kathmandu11:0511:45Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 706
Biratnagar – Kathmandu13:2014:00Yeti Airlines
Yeti Airlines – YT 792
Biratnagar – Kathmandu13:2514:05Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 708
Biratnagar – Kathmandu15:2516:05Buddha Air Buddha Air – U4 710
Biratnagar – Kathmandu15:3016:10Yeti Airlines
Yeti Airlines – YT 794
Biratnagar – Kathmandu17:4018:20Yeti Airlines
Yeti Airlines – YT 798
Biratnagar – Kathmandu18:0018:40Buddha Air
Buddha Air – U4 712

Biratnagar is  a sub-metropolitan and Nepal’s second largest city is located in Koshi Zone on the southern Terai belt of Nepal, near the south-eastern border with India. It is the second biggest city of Nepal and the biggest industrial city as well. After Sunkoshi Rafting of 08 / 09 Days it will be the best option to fly to Kathmandu and to visit the most popular Bird watching Wildlife Reserve Camp called Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve the flight can be the most enjoyable and relaxing. The camp is around and one hour drive after this 40 minutes flight. You can take the flight to Taplejung from Biratnagar for the Kanchanjunga Trekking. Biratnagar Airport started its Domestic flight service from 6th July 1958 and today it boasts the highest domestic traffic among all others. Biratnagar airport also connects the Koshi Tappu wild Life Reserve and Eastern region trekking routes.

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